What We do

Solid Foundation for Visionary Leadership

The Preferred Partner in the Greater China Market

With nearly 60 years of profound brand management leverage and solid retail business experience, Fairton possesses unique advantages with its direct and hands-on operation strategy in the Greater China market. The Group is renowned as the preferred partner for brands to enter the Greater China market.


We build sustainable brands.

The Group possesses a wealth of knowledge on local needs and tailoring sales strategies that ride on the market trend with their unique foresight. Fairton can seize new business opportunities in the digital age and become the first choice for unleashing the vast potential of the new generation.


We do business right. 

Operating business ethically is fundamental to creating shared value. Fairton celebrates trusted and long-term partnerships with brands that make shared core values ​​and corporate ethics the top priority.


We believe in a long-term partnership.

The solid foundation and vision make it vital for Fairton to understand market demand. The Group is committed to introducing new brands with high potentials, establishing goodwill, and creating a win-win situation.


We care about the society and environment.

Our long-term success depends on creating value for both our partners and society while also protecting the planet. Fairton performs corporate social responsibilities in business development, ecological, social, and economic sustainability, covering community, environmental protection, business ethics, caring for society, etc.


We create innovative omni channel in retail.

With an extensive customer base and consumer relationship management as the foundation, the Group managed to develop new omni channel for the new generation of consumers, merging online and offline sales models, which provides a customer-centric strategy for a more engaging experience. The development opens up new horizons for the long-term success of the brand.

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Fairton is the Brand Behind Brands

Through the years, Fairton has dedicated its focus on brand management and retailing. The robust development foundation the Group chartered is the fruit of its direct and hands-on operational model in retail businesses in Greater China, earning its reputation as the most preferred choice for brands setting foot in the market. Fairton’s solid financial foundation, extensive customer base and consumer relationship management database, and close ties with a substantial network of top-tier real estate developers and business associates with long-term respected collaboration, warrant success for brand partners in making their mark in Greater China.