AMLY, originated from the UK, embodies the essence of ‘ancient wildflower meadow.’, Inspired by natural springs, flora, and soil from organic farms, AMLY blends botanical active ingredients, aromatherapy, and alchemy to create an effective and comprehensive range of skincare series. The products not only help restore skin’s radiance but also soothe the tension generated by daily life.

Founder Lisa Smallpeice cultivated an organic farm in the British countryside, teeming with countless floral treasures. During one exploration, she discovered that the overgrown flora on the farm, left untouched for half a century, was lusher compared to other areas.

Moreover, when testing the underground water, she unexpectedly found that the water not only contained rich minerals but also had a natural silver substance close to biologically available concentrations. This led her to research skincare products based on ‘silver mineral water.’ In 2014, in partnership with Kerry Moore, AMLY introduced its first mist.

The exclusive ingredient, ‘silver mineral water,’ is rich in minerals and natural silver salts, boasting antimicrobial and antiviral properties. The ‘silver ions’ within it are recognized as potent antioxidants, effectively regulating skin flora, deeply repairing the skin’s foundation, and replenishing lost moisture.