Graine de Pastel

Graine de Pastel, born in Toulouse, France, pioneers skincare with ‘Woad,’ a healing marvel cultivated in monastery gardens since the Middle Ages. Known as ‘the healer’s hand,’ woad’s skincare prowess is entrenched in the French pharmacopoeia.



Carole Garcia and her team employ patented cold-press technology to extract woad seed oil, brimming with OMEGA 3.6.9 and Vitamin E, fortifying skin and promoting healing, validated by dermatologists. Graine de Pastel’s ethos is pure, sourcing 100% natural ingredients, devoid of controversial chemicals or animal-derived elements.

Woad’s growth cycle is remarkable, requiring two years between harvests, and its flowers wither once seeds emerge, making it a cherished French cultural heritage. The rarity of woad oil is astounding, with just 40 litres yielded from 1000 kilograms of ‘Woad’ seeds, rendering every drop invaluable.