Malaya Organics

Malaya Organics, from the USA, uses the rich essence of plants and its strong repairability to care for you from head to toe. While nurturing your skin, it also bridge you with nature, transforming your skincare routine into a delightful beauty ritual.



Founder Katya Slepak, raised in Russia, developed natural skincare and folk remedies from her learning with grandmother and mother since little. As she grew up, her fascination with the miraculous effects of herbs led her to study plant science extensively, ultimately becoming an expert in Western herbalism. In addition to using rich plant ingredients for skincare, Katya also focuses on the soul’s healing. She incorporates aromatic inspirations from yoga, meditation, and Buddhism into her formulations, using scent and texture to awaken the senses and calm the mind.


Malaya Organics sources ingredients from the highest-quality natural plants worldwide, including the Siberian Plateau, Amazon rainforest, India, Moroccan desert, and North American fields. It selects 100% organic plant herbs and handcrafts the premium active ingredients, providing an unprecedented skincare experience for your skin.