Parfums de la Bastide

Founder William Bouheret, who grew up in the rustic countryside of Provence, adored the gentle summer breeze, scorching sunshine, and the beauty of the land in southern France. Influenced by the unhurried pace of life in this region, he believed that time is the key to creating beauty and that fragrance is an essential element in enriching life. Thus, he decided to create PARFUMS DE LA BASTIDE, sharing the unique scents of southern France with the world using the purest natural fragrances.

But it’s not just about ingredients; sustainability matters greatly. PARFUMS DE LA BASTIDE, driven by a deep love and care for the Earth, refrains from using any chemical additives in its manufacturing process. Its supply, production, and storage facilities are located nearby to minimise transportation emissions. PARFUMS DE LA BASTIDE insists on using natural, renewable materials for packaging and employs eco-friendly, low-ink wire printing to reduce unnecessary environmental burdens.