Rose et Marius

Rose et Marius draws on Provencal childhood memories to create fragrances using rare natural ingredients. Its collection evokes the essence of southern France, capturing its colours and seasons in exquisite packaging. This transforms Provence into a unique olfactory art form, delighting and guiding perfume enthusiasts on a sensory journey.


Founder Magali Fleurquin-Bonnard, with 15 years of luxury industry experience, has a passion for craftsmanship and sensory fragrance experiences. In 2012, she launched her first luxury fragrance, inspired by cherished moments at her grandmother Rose’s Provencal home. In 2022, Rose et Marius received recognition from French artisan craftsmen.

The classic fragrance products from Rose et Marius embody nature’s essence. Handcrafted bottle caps with tile patterns, inspired by Magali’s grandmother’s home, pay homage to southern France. Rose et Marius blends aesthetics and art, conveying Provence’s charm through luxurious fragrances, creating a lavish sensory experience.