Terres d’Afrique

TERRES D’AFRIQUE, meaning ‘Respected Earth’ in African languages, draws inspiration from the vast African continent and the wisdom of ancient tribes. It crafts a range of effective skincare products by combining unique local plants with modern technology.


Founder Dr. Stephan Helary, raised in West Africa in Madagascar, holds a doctorate in environmental and wildlife management as an expert in agricultural science and botany. Stephan’s passion for his work stems from his deep love for the Earth and the African continent. He feels a moral obligation to showcase Africa’s pure and abundant botanical power, dedicating his life to introducing Africa’s unique ingredients to the world, thus founding TERRES D’AFRIQUE.


TERRES D’AFRIQUE adheres to sustainability and ethical principles, using distinctive African plant ingredients such as South African Rooibos, Cape Aloe, Marula, and more. It employs harvesting practices that respect and protect the natural ecosystems, ensuring the sustainable survival of these indigenous plants. Furthermore, TERRES D’AFRIQUE embraces the concept of fair trade by collaborating with local African women to ensure that harvesters receive their fair share of benefits.