Hailing from the UK, Tincture infuses plant actives into their range of cleaning products, featuring a clean white design that stands out from the cluttered and colourful packaging commonly found in cleaning products.


Founder Angelika Davenport, a mother of four children suffering from asthma, eczema, and other conditions, and a pet owner, dedicated herself to finding high-performance and non-toxic cleaning products. She was shocked to discover that most cleaning products on the market contained harmful toxins detrimental to health and home environments. After extensive research, Angelika decided to develop her own range of non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and highly effective cleaning products, leading to the establishment of Tincture in 2020.

Tincture insists on using 100% natural plant extracts, harnessing the active ingredients in plants to naturally break down grease and dirt. It also incorporates plant essential oils into their cleaning products, enhancing both performance and the joy of cleaning. In 2022, Tincture were awarded London’s Best Toxin-Free Home Cleaning Product Company.