WA:IT is the fusion of two cultures, Japanese and Italian. ‘WA’ represents the Japanese word for peace and harmony, reflecting the profound and timeless aesthetics of Japan, as well as the traditional beauty wisdom incorporated into the products. ‘IT’ represents Italy, a celebration of the beauty of the present moment and joy. Together, WA:IT carries the meaning of ‘waiting,’ reminding everyone to slow down and truly feel themselves.

Founder Raffaella Grisa, an engineer leading a hectic life, experienced a moment of inner peace while strolling in Tokyo’s Meiji Shrine. This prompted her to review her high-pressure, fast-paced work lifestyle. After delving into Japanese traditions, Raffaella was deeply impressed by ancient beauty wisdom. This led her to establish WA:IT, combining Japanese traditional beauty rituals and ingredients rooted in ancient wisdom with Italian craftsmanship and creating a range of healing fragrances and skincare products that embody the fusion of beauty.


WA:IT upholds the CLEAN BEAUTY philosophy, with products sourced 100% from plants, free of any environmentally harmful ingredients, and eco-certified & recyclable packaging. WA:IT collaborates with suppliers dedicated to reducing carbon footprint, making it the first European beauty brand to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in 2021.