hearth New Vision
with Heart for Earth

Established in 2022 by Fairton, hearth was conceived as a haven of choice, dedicated to nurturing your curiosity and fueling aspirations for a brighter tomorrow.

We diligently curate premier global brands that embody a harmonious existence with our planet, priding ourselves on no animal testing, certified natural  ingredients, and eco-packaging. From skincare and fragrances to enhancing your living space, we cater comprehensively to your every lifestyle aspiration.


From November 2022 to now, hearth has entered the northern, central and southern regions of Taiwan, inviting everyone to explore the various possibilities of a better life. We also hold the shops-in-shops with stylish stores periodically, let customer have chance to experience the aesthetics lifestyle in one-stop. Create an inspiring journey to explore the myriad facets of a better life while redefining the very essence of beauty.

At hearth, Nature is our inspiration, and we want to trigger consumer curiosity as nature does, and make the discovery fun. Our goal is to create a space where the art of living is unveiled, and your home's wildest imaginings come to life.